tips, tricks and falioures with foam

next week I start teaching a course in 3D prototyping, and it just got me thinking of when I first started designing, and especially my first experiences with foam.

I clearly remember late one evening at the workshop, where a friend of mine tried spraying a blue foam model white - which of-course turned it into a nice modernist sculpture… (I’m just glad he did it first - so I got saved from my eager intentions to do the same).

Well come out of the bush and share if you have had any great, frustrating or even stupid experiments with blue foam, I would be greatly apprecieated as input for my class.


What’s a falioure?

You can cobble together blocks of foam by spraying both sides with Super 77. Works well.

If you want to spray paint foam, use wood filler, mix it with water, and spread on the surface of the foam, and sand and repeat until it’s the form you want and no blue foam is exposed

Watered down wood glue works great. Several coats. Then primer, putty, sand and paint.