Tips on setting up 1 page online folios

Hi all,

I think it is a great idea to set up 1 page online folios as a quick summary of your design history. Here are some helpful links.

A related guide, focused on Graphics, but relevant to us too.

Here is a online resource for ideas:

Enjoy, I’m in the process of revamping mine!

hello there thanks for the link…

Thanks for the link! I´d like to put my work online as a personal website instead of hosted on a site like Coroflot now. From what I can see on here, GoDaddy seems to be a good choice for hosting, and the links to one-page portfolios are really useful. Just one question - what programme can I use to do the one-page layout? I´ve seen the page with free CSS templates, but which programme would I use to customise them, please? I don´t have Dreamweaver (but could maybe get hold of it)… is there a super-simple one out there instead?

All I´d like is to put some text for my curriculum, images with text related to them, maybe a news section I can update and a PDF download. I work on Windows XP, and am a quick learner if I need to learn about CSS or similar! Any suggestions welcome!

Cheers! is not bad

The absolute cheapest and direct route is to just edit the html or css in any basic text editing program like MS Notepad or Apple TextEdit. Dreamweaver is the broadest and most versatile solution in terms of bells and whistles. older programs like Homesite and TopStyle are also good options if you know someone with a copy lying around.

Thanks! I´m getting to know more about domains, host server (I have got both now) and am working on the content! I´ll try with MS Notepad and see what results I can get!


It sounds like you’re pretty savvy, so Notepad might be a little tough at first (lots of trial and error) but you’ll probably be rocking in no time. Just “borrow” from other sites you like (View → Source in browser menu) and start building.

Good luck!

skip the annoying notepad trial and error method and use firgebug.

its a free add on for firefox and is still a ‘notepad’ type approach but as the ability to dynamically display changes you make as you make them.
most CSS developers I know swear by it.

Firebug looks like a pretty cool little app.

Hi again!

Thanks for your help - I´ll look at that program. I´m having some probs with setting up my WP…can anyone of you pros shed any light on this, please? :slight_smile:

I registered/paid around 25 dollars for two years of a domain name with Godaddy.

I then created a WP account and then installed it on my hosting (Windows) which came free with Godaddy.

I spent quite a while trying to figure out why I couldn´t see the themes/plugins I installed in my hosting server.

I changed my Server OS to Linux after doing some googling and seeing that it enables .php files - which I need for WP, right?

I am now at the point of reinstalling WP, just to start afresh. I have made a new SQL database, all fine. I then thought I´d try the “easy” way to install WP on Godaddy, thru the application menu in Hosting Account. On choosing this option, it said it´s not available on a free account. Great, so I´ll pay a bit more for economy hosting as I´ve already spent money so far and I just want to get it set up.

On the next page it says I can´t have economy hosting on my domain name as it´s already used. By who? Me?! Why would it say that? I never thought this would be so long-winded! I´m not in the States - is there a way I can speak to a Godaddy rep in Europe, or shall I just cut my losses and change hosts?*

And, is my domain name not really mine? Argh!

Thanks for any suggestions!

*PS How would I do this?!! :slight_smile:


If you’re using WordPress I’m pretty sure you can do everything within the interface. I don’t think you need a text editor. GoDaddy most likely owns your domain and you are leasing it from them (don’t use them next time around). See if you can upload the WordPress files with an FTP program like WSFTP or CuteFTP. You should be able to upload anything you want to your site that way.

This sounds familiar as I dealt with this when setting up a site for a friend, here’s what I learned.

The free hosting that comes with a GoDaddy domain registration is worth as much as you pay for it(nothing). It is ad-supported and worthless. The lowest level hosting they offer is cheap but just because you registered your domain with them doesn’t mean you have to host with them.

As you’ve found out, GoDaddy doesn’t allow you to use their remote app installer service (hosting connection) for free hosting accounts.

You can’t use your domain name with the economy hosting beacuse it is currently associated with the free hosting, and you’ll have to delete this hosting “account” to link your domain with another hosting package (the economoy hosting).

Here’s how to fix it:
1 Sign in.
2 Click hosting>my hosting account
3 Your domain name with your free hosting should display in the middle, check the box next to it.
4Click the “Cancel Account” button above.

Now you should be able to use your domain for a paid economy hosting package, and you can install WP through the hostingconnection service.

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time help me sort out my server-related probs. I´ve cancelled my hosting account with Godaddy, as advised, and have since set up a new one with a different company. Learning a lot about this subject in the process…

I´m still sorting out the rest of the setup but I´ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again!