tips on breaking into Interaction or Graphic Design

Any tips on breaking into graphic or interaction design? I’ve done a bit of graphic side projects, looking to bolster freelance ID work with either, also interaction design looks like it is now part of the product design process. Wondering what programs are used for interaction design, considerations. Thanks.

I would think you should able to qualify for Graphic jobs if your curriculum was similar to mine. I know I should qualify for most Graphic jobs I see but I don’t really have much of a Graphic Design portfolio to show, mainly just projects from Soph-Jr year that really aren’t my best, since honestly I was concentrating on my Studio classes. Ive asked a few times about Interaction Design but I haven’t gotten too much info, but I was wondering the same thing.

Yeah, I though I remember reading that the whole interaction design field was started by industrial designers in the 90’s at one of those famous west coast design consultancies. Ideo? Not sure. But it is very tied to ID, my take is that it is like designing a product interface like you would for a control panel only it is displayed on a screen instead of having real dials, switches and buttons. But I am lost as to how to prototype such a thing.

Know Illustrator and Photoshop like the back of your hand.

Also pay close attention to trends, know your colors and know what looks good.

check out for some inspiration.