Tips on 3D Modeling of Shades?

Hi I’m a ID student looking to get into designing shades and sports glasses.

Anyone have any tips or tutorials on how to accurately model sunglasses?

Do you just scan a real one first or do you build it from scratch?

I’m learning to model in Rhino but just a beginner. Not great yet.

I want to be able to print it out in 3D and wear it so it has to be precise.

I am having trouble with controlling forms around the nose bridge. It’s still hard for me.

Thanks for any advice.


It is quite a tricky object to model. I did these glasses a while ago in rhino for some modeling practice. I thought about different ways to do it and decided to loft the entire oblect. The beauty of this method is that the mesh remains simple, which makes it easy to split, fillet and blend surfaces together.

Draw the cross sections and arange them using the rotation tool to get a good flow. do one half and mirror them. then loft

Once lofted, you will be able to see which parts need tweeking. it won’t be right first time.

finally cut the lense holes out and blend the edges together.

Wow that looks nice! How did you get accurate sections? Did You measure an existing pair? Do a 3D scan? I want to be able to wear a SLA print of it.

Thanks for the images. Your tutorial was helpful!

Another guy said
“create a skeleton, made of 3d curve
creating a quadrangular shape each other and the using Sweep2r or

He throught lofting wasn’t good but didn’t give me any pictures.

Anyone able to show this technique?

Sweet. What did you use for the rendering? It looks great.

You could do it that way too, my model is a very simple way to get quick results.
If I was to spend more time on my model I would extract the wireframe from my lofted shape and do some serious fine tuning work on the curves. This way you could really get in to the details of the cross sections.

optimistic, this was rendered in cinema 4d. the render engine is very good and very fast. simple set up with one area light and a spherical map - rendered in about 1 mins 30 sec