Tips for Scanned drawings?

Any tips aside from adjusting levels to clean up scanned renderings in photoshop to make the presentation quality?




What are you looking to do: just clean up the scan as is, or add more to it in PS?

If your just cleaning it up, levels and a bit of eraser always works great.

Sometimes if I want to add a little pop, I take the white point down in levels so the background is about a 30% grey, then I use a little dodge and burn to pop the forms off the page. We used to do this 10 years ago by photocopying a sketch onto a piece of toned canson paper and then working into it with white and black chalk and white pencil. Similar effect.

Awesome Thanks yo.

Yeah Im trying to make it Pop and will try the method you just said, I need to present this to a “client” ( my professor) so it needs to be top quality

here is the current rendering, its a trashcan concept

Hmmm, here is what I would do with it. 5 minutes in PS

Stretched it to change the proportion to more trash cannish. Used Transform > Distort to fix the perspective a bit. Added a grey wash behind and a shadow to ground it.

Just a few thoughts…

Thanks, I am going to tweak it some, just wish I knew how to get quality work… the renderings look so much better than the garbage that scans in I do not understand

i would also suggest cleaning up the linework before adding markers. and a stronger contrast for the shadows and mid tones to make it really pop.
1~3 for mids and 5~7 for shadows maybe?

Thanks for all the help you 2.

What ended up working best for me was to use line weight to defined the edges then to go back over on a light table with marker on marker paper (separate sheet) and then later overlay the two in photoshop

here’s my 10 PS go at it. as you can see, got a bit carried away…

  1. modified perspective/proportion as Yo mentioned
  2. duplicated layer and set to multiply, reduced opacity to add more contrast
  3. added lens flare (cheesy, i know)
  4. added gradient BG
  5. added reflection with copy of top layer set to multiply, blur, and reduced opacity
  6. added paper for scale
  7. added ink spots for “style” (from a scan i already had)


Here’s my version – less with the style (love the splatters, though) and more with the Dodge and Burn:

Awesome. Thanks for throwing in Carl. Kershaw, see, so many ways to skin the cat. It would be awesome if there where like 50 of these…

Awesome, gives me a lot of insight into what to possibly do in the future. Thanks for everyone who was able to pitch in ideas, I really do appreciate it.

I ended up doing something along this nature, the presentation is in the morning so minus some added line weight this is the final layout…

Overall I am somewhat pleased for it being my first pin up and assignment… The layout is simple, the renderings def need work but all in good time… That doesnt justify the amount of time I spent in the Studio haha… loooong night last night…