Tips for Getting Packaging Work as a Relative Newbie?

Hello fellow designers!

I’m a brand designer and I’ve been doing custom stationery with a small side of brand and packaging work for a year or two now. My packaging portfolio is small because I’ve been doing primarily stationery and brand + website design. Having worked as an architect in a previous (career) life my love is in tangible design so I have decided to specialize in boutique brand + packaging only.

:heart:What are your tips for getting jobs when your packaging portfolio is small?
:heart:What do you say to potential clients who are interested and asking for previous work/examples?
:heart:What’s the best way to grow a packaging portfolio while making some money? (I’m not a student, I’m a full time business owner).

Additionally, I know I can do a great job, and my emphasis is on an intimate collaboration with a solopreneur or small biz owner.

Thanks so much in advance!

Start making a monthly promotional piece for your company that’s packaging. 2 birds …

For examples, see Graphis Packaging 5, page 232 and beyond.

Oh thank you SO MUCH!! That’s a wonderful idea. I went and bought a copy of the book you mentioned and it’s amazing, those are some really well-thought out self-promo packaging. I absolutely LOVE it!!!

Hey I am newbie here and also start my new packaging business so i want more information from you. Thanks.