Tips for a 1st year ID student looking for jobs

So Im just finishing my first year at Georgia Tech and next year will be entered into the ID program. The first year is a common year studio with Architecture and BC. I am a junior however in this intro program.

Starting this summer I want to break away from my traditional summer camp job and look for something in graphic design or ID.
My question however is that since I really dont have a portfolio yet and a true sense of design so to speak what can I look for if I want to get my feet in the door?

Anyone have some suggestions?

It’s usually difficult to get a ID job or internship after the first year of any ID program, especially if the first year consists of foundation courses. In any case, I’d first recommend that you get in touch with your alumnus. I’d also recommend sending out resumes to corporations you’d like to get in to. Don’t be afraid to work for free for the Summer. Good luck.

Most internship programs won’t look at people with less than sophmore year completed. I’d follow up enigma’s advice, see if a local firm can use a cheap (or free) gopher.

Yeah it’s gonna be ruff, summer is hard because everyone is out there looking for internships.

I think without some sort of work to send out you’re going to have to try to meet someone, or have a friend of a friend, or someone who knows someone else. Ask around the upper classmen.

I wouldn’t give up on it until June either, you might find a company with a bugget and history of summer interns who’s been procrastinating and will need someone at the last second.

thanks for the tips I was also looking to see about a basic graphic design job as well. I guess I should start compiling my best work from this year into a work portfolio.

You might also want to consider knocking out some of those foundation courses at a community college to free up time for studio work during the regular school year, just a thought.

Freshmen are usually not hired because there is just too much training involved on the part of the employer. Is your stuff up to the standard of the juniors at GAtech? Make sure that you have done some legwork on your own time sketching, modeling and learning pertinent software. yo’s suggestions about finding gopher work is also a valid one. Less risk on part of the employer and valid experience in the field for you.

I think this is good advice. And going for an internship so early is a good idea, but is going to be very hard for you to get someone to take you on. If you pull it off you’ll be in a better position the following Summer as well. And if you need advice on Sketching/ software learning/ modelling, post up some work.

thanks for the good info guys I applied for a good number of internships in atlanta as well as some small graphic design ads on craigslist. I put together a bunch of my work from the past 2 semesters as well as some other graphics work I have done for student clubs in a portfolio.