Tipping in NY

I am going to visit NY this summer, and I am aware of the “tipping culture”.

As a UK resident it is rather funny that you are expected to tip for daily housekeeping in a hotel, especially when hotels are not known to be cheap in NY.
Do all hotel staff get paid lousy salaries? Will they perform strange/unspeakable little revenges in your room if you didn’t tip them the last time?

I personally find it annoying that you have to pay someone for their job, on top of the bill. Restaurant staff is different, a nice service is something i do appreciate, same as hotel staff helping to carry bags, that I would feel compelled to tip for, but for room cleaning?

Needless to say I will tip as expected, when in rome…but just some thoughts.

I’ve always thought of it this way, unless they are fetching you extras (towels, restocking the mini-bar, etc.) what is the point of tipping on a room cleaning. Like you said it’s their job.

I waited tables and bartended while in school to pay the bills. These types of jobs have interaction with the customer where as the chambermaid typically waits until you leave to clean your room.

If you do decide to tip a chambermaid give them a dollar or two for the night. Or you could always use the do not disturb card trick while you are gone and make your bed yourself.

I say why not. You said you worked a similar job before. Didn’t you LOVE getting tips?

I’d seen my mother work some pretty bummy jobs to put food on the table and you have to realize that that person cleaning up after you is probably pretty damned miserable and only doing the job because they are desperate.

Have a little compassion. If you can afford a room in NYC, then you can afford to leave a tip.

Greedy little buggars, all of you.