Tiny Robot | A Toy Design Sketch Site

Hey all-

I just launched a new portfolio of toy design sketches that I did while freelancing full-time between 2001-2008. I always share sketchbooks of work from this period with my interns and thought I’d just put it online so anyone could check it out.

I’m posting a few samples below, but there are 200+ pages of sketches on there. They were mostly done in Sketchbook Pro on a Toshiba M400 Tablet PC, but there are a few early pages of sketches done in old-school Pilot Fineliner on bond paper.

To check it out visit http://www.TinyRobot.com

Look around. Have fun.

Great work, love how loose and fun these feel. I feel like a kid looking at a new coloring book, I have to fight the urge to bring them into SBPro and color some of these up! Thanks for sharing

That’s funny - I have a 4 and a 6 year old and they both love having me print them out to color them up.

I intentionally decided to leave color off the website entirely - there’s something about the concept of an entirely gray scale site that I liked. Thanks for the kind words!

Gray scale site awesome!

This is awesome, thanks for sharing!

I like the shuffle effect you get when clicking on different tabs.

Awesome job! These are very clean but still keep that energy, which can be hard to do.

Nice. I like the vacuum/iron characters.