Tiny Chicago Screw/ Screw Post needed. HELP!

Hello everybody!

im making an 1:8 architectural model. what screws should i use as bolts? Tiny chicago screws or an alternative!?

i am building a scale model for an architectural project. i already built a 1:16 model using little wooden sticks as bolts. in the big model however, which should look as professional as it gets, i need to use screws. I was researching on the internet but couldnt find anything that would fit! help needed!!! this is a sketch of what id ideally use:

http://i.imgur.com/iHGXz.jpg the length should be max 3" (max 76mm), maximum diameter 1/8" (3mm max) i cant seem to find anything :frowning:
small, current model: http://i.imgur.com/BAi5L.jpg

i really hope someone can help me out!!

thanks in advance,


Search for Screw Size #000-120 that’s about as small as they come and still readily available.

Otherwise, hit up RadioShack or a similar store that might have smaller electronics parts with really small screws.


wow, thanks.
i actually came across a page that makes custom screws thanks to your little hint :slight_smile:
as i saw i wasnt the first person looking for miniature screws/ screw posts, i thought id share the page!

we are requesting a quote now, so lets see the results.

Sometimes you need smaller… although 1:8 scale isn’t that small.

Another search to try would be: “model engineering bolts”, or “scale model bolts”

operational: http://www.scalehardware.com/

appearance only (non-operational): http://www.scalehardware.com/simulated-hex-bolts-c-3





a favorite of mine…

Whoa!! What a collection! Bookmarking…