Tinker Hatfield interview

A good interview with Tinker and Tom Ludecke on the Air Trainer 1:


nice!!! tinker still churns them out…it is so cool that tinker is still getting down!

Sweet shoe. I can’t wait to see the AJ 23 now that i heard he is coming back to design it.

One at a time… the xx2 has to come out first…

here’s another Tinker interview:

hi guys.

Yeah air cross training was and is the trainer of my life,is pure soul.

I love this model,the first time that i saw it was in the 87’s or 88’s,after that i started to draw sneakers at home,at class,at everywhere,this model was my inspiration…and still drawting at everywhere.

(sorry for my english,i’m spanish improving the e-tongue in london)

kind regards.

no worries.

Welcome aboard.



this one is really good… and funny too!

Nice shoe, really likin it any1 know when it releases?


new interview/ press conf.

tinker interview

seen on freshness



^ Thanks for those links- I had not seen the videos yet…