Timex 2154 Results


The designs are nice but will they work in real life?

yeah but they do 50 years of development leeway … apart from the hologram ones, they will never, ever work as described.

I agree with the winner of the wrist-based watch, Time-aid. It instills a nice sense of belonging, for the user to whatever time pieces around the world might be important to them. I like the idea of the strap though not sure if it would ever be possible.

As for the others I winners, not to take anything away from them, but I think their choice over some of the notables was pretty subjective. For example to say the Sticky Watch should win the Wearables section over Pick Tock (2nd in the notables) just because it is ‘utilitarian’ is a little unfair - you could have argued that Pick Tock should have won the section because the designer had thought about the market and fashion aspects of the technology.

I think my over all favourite is Time Circle, a nice concept that expresses the context of time … though not a very private was to keep your calender :wink:

was wondering where CG’s was!

I haven’t looked at all the results yet, but from the ones that I’ve seen it makes me wonder about something. Will people in 2154 really want designs that look like early 21st century modernist design? I mean…where is the neo-rococo? or art-nouveau revival?

It reminds me of 2001: a space odyssey. Did the set designer really think that people in 2001 would all sit on Eero Saarinen chairs, or did he/she simply think that they looked futuristic?

Do designers today think that people in 2154 will use computers that vaguely look like an Apple G5, just smaller?

On the positive though, the functional bits on the whole showed alot of creativity and thought. Good work to everyone who won…you deserved it.

Yeah, I’m kicking myself! I still think my concept of a high-phosphene cortical implant with time-shifting composite visualization (via a protein dermal patch) is more representative of 150 years out than any of these entries. To bad I couldn’t pull together the visuals under the circumstances.

On a related note, I am really surprised that not a single entry addressed athletic performance timing!

I did like the “epidigital patch” and “Time Circle” and thought “Sparkling Diamond” was very elegant. (All of these are ‘Notables’ by the way.)

C’mon people…we’ll be brains in floating in vats by then! People clearly need to read up on their cyberpunk!

CG…your concept is cool… but it has the same basic effect as the contact lense concept that was short listed. Instead of being implanted, it’s worn on the eye. but the concept is the same…you see the time overlayed on the world around you. But in a subliminal way so that you just “know” what time it is.

Put that and the “time circle” concept together and you’re very close.

Beyond the futuristic wetware, I’m suggesting that time would be presented not as a clock, but rather as visual milestones which communicate the essence of athletic timekeeping, where distance and time are integrated. Time-shifting technologies take it to the next step.

I like how the “time circle” concept (in the Notables section) shows the non-athletic capabilities of such a visual time system. Scott Wilson’s Nike concept for Wired is also very similar, but both products rely on projecting the information. Scott mentioned that they visualized the products because they had to have something pretty to show for it, but I can’t help but wonder about “pervasive computing” where the machines become invisible and all that is left is the experience.

My initial idea had an brain implant like CG’s. …but it had more to do with messing around with the feeling of time with chemical neurotransmiters. Time would seem to speed up or slowdown depending on which drug was injected in the blood stream. I was also working on something that would measure earth time, biological time, internet time (taking into acount that time = information flow), stuff like that… It was getting too complex, so I just made it simple. Voilá! too bad the panels suck :frowning: