Time sensitive decision about internship: ROCHESTER???


I received an offer for an ID internship and they gave me a really short 2 days notice to reply. I have emailed back requesting a one-week extension (not ridiculous, right?) for the offer acceptance, but they haven’t gotten back.

The question I have for you guys is that since this internship is in Rochester (in the city, State St. to be precise), I wanted to know if Rochester is worth spending 10 weeks of my summer there? The work that I’d be doing isn’t too exciting (designing cameras), a pay of 20/hr. I’d have to find my own place and pay for it, as well as commute via bike or public transportation. I searched this forum and came up with the conclusion that it’s cold and filled with men. I’m not worried about cold since it’s the summer, and being full of men doesn’t really affect my decision.

I’m still waiting to hear back from other firms, but I wanted some people’s point of view on this matter: Should I go to Rochester this summer? Should I hold out to hear back from the other firms with a chance of being jobless (of course, I have an alternate backup plan for the summer in store). I’m a Junior, so this may or may not be a big impact on my career search next year.

This will help me a lot in this tough decision. Thanks a lot!

ahhh… I am very familiar with the issue you’re having, but trust me it’s a good problem to be faced with. The last time I was faced with deciding whether or not to accept an internship that was offered fairly early on before I heard back from anyone else was as a student, and I made the right choice in taking it. Things can change in a heartbeat, and positions that you may think are a sure bet all of a sudden art. In this climate, I would suggest taking whatever opportunity is a sure thing. 10 weeks isn’t long at all, even for a cold place full of men!

Yeah its always tough when you get an early offer. Short answer, no point trying to second guess a decision, its a gamble . . . thats life!

I would agree with the fact it’s only 10weeks, not long at all, and your pay rate is a lot higher than when I was interning so I wouldnt worry about that.

With regards to your career, unless your waiting from rockstart studios then IMO no it won’t matter, providing where you go isn’t a complete shambles. - Infact scratch that I just found the internship position and the company its for, it’s got a good brand name and designing camera’s for them would likely expose you to some great ID process. Designing cameras for the brand would be pretty exciting, im guessing your be exposed to some good brand language analyses. Far from a shabby internship.

What will hurt you is not having an internship…

Rochester is a great place to be for the summer…lots of great outdoor festivals, great restaurants/bars, if you have to be there then summer is the time to come.

http://rocwiki.org/ has some good info on the city. If you take the job get an apt downtown, something off of East Ave, Park Ave, or Monroe Ave will put you in a great area that will let you walk to almost anything.

As far at the internship goes, don’t wait too long. There’s tons of people looking for internships, and as an old boss told me once when I was an intern “if you don’t show up, i can get someone else”. If you’re waiting to hear back from a specific place, then call them and ask if they can tell you where you stand because you have an offer you need to respond too. I’ve also learned that no matter where you go, you’re going to learn something, so don’t worry about it not being exactly what you have in mind. You’ll get what you put into it, just like everything else in life.

Ha. I had an internship there way back when. You’ll learn a lot, I did. Rochester was fun enough.

Unless you have a competing offer in Hawaii - go for it.

“that it’s cold and filled with men” - :laughing: sounds like you’ve been reading something I wrote.

RIT as a university may be cold and filled with men, but Rochester is a pretty big city and in the summer the weather isn’t bad at all.

I would do it. Rochester is pretty cheap to live in and at $20/hr you’ll probably take home a nice amount of money and get some good experience.

Either way - unless there something better then do it.

Thanks for the quick reply guys. It looks like I might be gouge there. How friendly is the city to bikes? Or how safe is public transit?

I was there in the summer and every single solitary day was sunny and glorious. I have no idea about this time of year. I rode a 5$ garage sale bike to and from my shared apt in Greece everyday and it was fine. If you do end up taking the internship, they’ll probably have a system set up so you share an apt with some other interns and one of them will no doubt have a car. I have fond memories of that summer, working and playing.

Unfortunately it states explicitly in the letter of offer that I’m on my own for finding a place with no subsidy from them. I’d probably end up biking since I’m from Cali and it’s unreasonable to ship a car over. This is to June to august so I’m not worked about weather

Drive cross country with all your crap in the back. Road trip!

If it were 10 weeks in the winter, no way.

Rochester in the summer is really nice.

Sounds like a solid internship. Plus, its paid! $20/hr isn’t bad for an intern gig.

Best of luck to you.

$20 an hour is pretty good.

I wouldn’t worry too much about how cool the internship is. I did one that wasn’t that cool after my sophomore year, but I still honed a few skills the same as if it would have been a popular place.

:It’s not what you’re doing, it’s how you’re doing it (or what you do WITH it)." - one of my professors.