Time planning/management tools?

I’ve just started my final year of my degree and I would like to sort out some time planning/management for each of my degree modules and projects.

Was wondering if anyone knows of any good sites/software/spreadsheet sources?

Failing that I’ll create one in excel.

(Before anyone says anything, I did search the board but couldn’t find anything :slight_smile: ).


MS Project? Excel can quite quick but not really deisgned for project management…saying that I know a few people who use excel for this.

or what about goggle spreadsheets then you can keep it on-line and update it wherever you have a internet connection.


I use my calander and to do list on Outlook. It keeps things real simple and flexible. Plus you don’t have to learn a new program or set up a complicated spread sheet.

Being able to see the days of the week along with the rest of your schedule gives you a better visual idea of where the time is going.

my 2 cents