time management/tracking apps?

as my business gets ramped up, im now looking for a good time tracking app. something for OS X (leopard), preferably free (or cheap), that I can use to track time on different projects for billing. sync with ical/iphone would be a plus.

doesn’t need to be super featured (i dont need to manage billing or rates, or multiple employees at this point), but something with a good UI and easy to use, would be great.

anyone have any suggestions?

if i cant find anything, i’ll just likely use ical since i know you can make different calendars, but something that would help tally hours/project would be great.



Man! I used a really good one for OSX for a while that was pretty deep, but I can’t remember what the heck it was called. I’m racking my brain trying to remember.

Here are a few I found with a quick look:


quick google search found this:

It’s got a trial but it seems like you can upgrade for free…? Not sure on that.

You may also want to try out a widget or two; they’re usually pretty easy and well designed.

Do you want it to generate and manage invoices as well? Or are you simply looking to track your hours on various projects?

I use QuickbooksPro and I saw they sell a module that allows you to export from outlook calender straight into timesheets, and then on to invoicing… seems pretty cool and I think it was around $10 a month or something

Wikipedia to the rescue!

I have used a few differnt ones for OSX and personally like On The Job - Professional Time & Expense Tracking and Invoicing - Stunt Software the best. It has a pretty nice Interface and the few things I really don’t like about it should be fixed in version 3 ( a free upgrade ) Its not too pricey at $25. There is a free trial available as well.

these awards just came out. some interesting software out there…



its web based and not free. and I’ve never used it so its not really a recommendation per se, but another option that’s out there

wow, thanks for all replies. i havent checked them all out but started using the freshbooks one, and seems pretty good. there’s also a start/stop widget that makes the trakcing pretty easy + everything else is done via a web app which is very convenient.

will for sure check them all out though!


just wanted to report that so far after using freshbooks for a while, seems pretty swell. even received by snail mail a sample courtesy invoice that shows how they can send real paper invoices if required.

funny thing too, on getting the invoice, i noticed the company is located here in toronto about 15 min. away! who knew! so much for the global interwebs revolution, i guess.


This looks worth checking out too…


open source web php based guy. just found it.