Time honored consumer products

These products are still manufactured by the companies that originally conceived them.

RevereWare copper clad cookware first debuted in 1939.
Now classic handle design: Tucker P. Madawick

This one doesn’t even need to be open to know what it is,
and you probably know the name of the manufacturer.

All-Star HighTops … the company name…?

Any others come to mind?

M’Cow wrote

There are some things that I use which have remained the same for as long as I can remember. There’s a reason why they remain unchanged.

Gee guys . … after that lengthy discussion of the Oreck vacuum cleaners*, I though you all might have come up with a few other products that have satisfied customers over a long period of time…


  • We have an Oreck DTX1400; it works well, but has some issues. For the money, I wouldn’t buy it again.

I actually heard that Converse got bought out recently.

MAybe we should insteda start a discussion about great products from good companies that survived as long as they could before being swallowed by a corporation and subsequently having the soul ripped from them, for cost reasons.

See Schwinn Stingray.

just an idea.


converse is bought by nike (think I saw something about converse fans being pissed off by this).

bialetti moka express has been around since the 20´s =>a classic.

koss porta pro has been unchanged since ´84. Pretty impressive for consumer electronics.

Thonet #14 chair. This thing has been made since the late 1800’s. They sell this version, and an updated version from the early 1900’s that has a different construction suited to Americans. Yanks lean back in their chairs more than Europeans.

Morgan from the UK. Yes, that is a brand new 2005 model. They even export to the US!



I completely forgot about Morgan, and a former boss even had one that we’d cruise after work.

Seventy-some years of production of the same model. Essentially a home based garage business … yeah, if you know how to hand form aluminum.

New Aero 8