time for a change

Ok people, so the time has finally come for me to change my old school dell desktop and get a fancy new one. Problem is WHICH ONE?? So Ive thought long and hard over a few coffes and online reviews and decided to go for a laptop - ease of transportation etc…
Ive read all the reviews aboutt he Tecra M4 (notavailable yet in UK) and was hoping some tech heads out there could throw out some recommendations for me.
Primary use detailed photoshop renders, not alot of 3D work… Max price 2000 USD…
Anyone help me?? Cheers, oh and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

oh come on people there must be some ideas out there!!

aleinware workstation lapy is nice, You want to make sure it has a workstation graphics card in really if you want to do CAD stuff.

Contact a local system builder you will get a much better deal and the computer you get will be more upgradeable for the future. The initial cost might be more but trust me you will get more for your money that way. All systems i build i make sure there is an upgrade path. If you don’t mind getting a computer sent to you please feel free to email me with what you need in a computer and i can give you a quote.