Tim DeChristopher's Court Speech

A most notible speech I thought. (long-ish)

“Tim DeChristopher, whose act of civil disobedience stopped the illegal auction of oil and gas leases on thousands of acres of public land, was sentenced yesterday to two years in federal prison for fraudulently halting illegal government actions. This was his statement to the court.”


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This was very powerful. I am very impressed with his logic in his arguments. I am sure there is some amount of manipulation of facts and perspectives. But it still was incredible well thought out and articulated. It is sad that this country has gotten to the point of thinking civil disobedience is a bad thing. It is really a founding principal of America and should never be treated lightly.

Great speech.

Not related to civil disobedience, which is really the most important part of the speech, but on the topic of the oil & gas industry’s behavior related to land and government is This American Life’s “Game Changer” episode from earlier this month: Game Changer - This American Life