Tight Sketch to Rendering

This was a rendering I did for my students last spring, amazing how fast the hours can go…

The rendering portion is great, not sure how I feel about the super-dramatic 1 point perspective though. Makes me feel like I’ve taped a fisheye lense to my head.

Cool. I’d love to see a step by step.

I love the way you handled the windshield reflections, rims, background, rims, and the texture on the hood.

The one point perspective may be a bit extreme, but it goes along with the fun, kind of toy like design.

the file was created in Photoshop

The values were done with a basic color then a dark and light value in photoshop Once all the colored sections were finished a reflection layer was created over the top.

The wheels were done easily rendering them as if they were still and then applying a radial blur to them.

A couple brushes were created for the carbon fiber section of the hood and the exhaust.

The simple background was just quickly painted without an underlay.

I’ll see if I can break down the process visually later if its helpful.

My favorite part of this rendering is the environment, I think. It really feels like the car is part of the environment with your light source treatement and effects-almost like a nice video game - nice job. (Don’t be angry at me, I’m sure you spent way more time on the car itself :smiley: )

Nice rendering. The background is AWESOME!

Car is cool too, the radial blur worked out very nicely. It’d be cool to see the line-art scan.