Thumbnail sketch of a shoe and final.




DKNY is a premium brand. From intial impression your shoe looks to have too much detail to it (dare i say cheap!). Simplicity and elegance motivates these sort of purchases.

I would suggest en excersise to take out all details, and putting some back in, in order to satisfy your design intent. I like the strap over the shoe, but how is that exagerated, or given meaning by the rest of the concept.

I Like the sketches. I’d like to see the 2 bottom views less transparent, with the back faces inferred, rather than looking like glass. Apart from this line weight issue, the line quality is good.

nice stuff. i like the first sketch top left the best. i agree that theres too much details and look a bit too technical for what apepars to be a lifestyle product.

i like the idea of blending the moccassin construction like a clarks wallabee witha more contemporary strap and technical outsole. nice.

for more comments, i’d suggest you post in the footwear forum. There are lots of other great professional and enthusiast shoe designers there and im sure you’d get lots of good comments and suggestions.



I like the proportions on the loose sketches much better. Design aside, I think the final gets too tight.

DKNY has allway struggled connecting the brand to the footwear in my opinion. I think this would be a cool project to figure out.