Throwing Down Some Sketches!

Just a compilations of some sketches I forgot I had. All criticism is encouraged, thanks for looking!

That last sneaker sketch is hot.
Keep em coming

Here’s some more

One more

nice Bart, How is the new guy? The unicycle is a little tight. (just hit me on Facebook).

They all look awesome except the perspective on that Cannon on your 4 legged robot

The perspective on the canon is way off. Check out Doug Chiang’s new drawing book. The motorcycle and robot look similar to ones he did but he shows how to take it to the next level.

The canon doesn’t follow the same path as the canon mounts plus the dramatic increase in barrel length is odd.


yeah everyone’s been telling about the cannon, and I know. I should just chop it off.

are you talking about “Mechanika” in regards to the book? I have that and it makes me want to quit drawing everytime I see it haha!

how’d you do the texture on that sandal?

I used some texture tiles and a white prisma.

Sketched this during a lecture

Excellent work with the robot, that might make for a cool rendering