Threads without comment: AZTEK


lol, no… The Aztek will NEVER be cool. Little does the auther know, the lady’s kid has really bad eyesight.

I will say that top slammed Aztek is the best one I’ve seen since the concept vehicle in 1999.

From what I found, the slammed one is called, “The Ultimate Aztek” and was produced by GM a kind of aftermarket showcase.

what the heck does top slammed mean?

sorry, I’m not so transpo versed but sounds interesting

Drop the body down and shove huge wheels into the wheel wells. (By Top, I meant Top Image.)

Interesting that GM actually did that. It goes against everything that vehicle was produced for, but whatever. It kind of looks like a previous generation Jetta.

I find it interesting that a skid plate and a bunch of bent up tubing welded onto this machine actually made it attractive.:unamused:

Agreed. I saw that image and though, eh, not bad. Big improvement. a nice set of 5 spokes dresses most things up.

yea that slammed one is sick. One of the worst things about the aztek was that the way the plastic cladding/ small ugly wheels/ and pedestrian suspension did nothing to make that odd shape look any better, but that slammed one is the complete opposite, im sure if you took a regular aztek, without the cladding, dropped it 2 inches and threw some 19’s on it it would not look that bad, but then again thats pretty true for almost any vehicle. :confused: