Thoughts on exchange to Danmarks Designskole?

I’m starting to plan an exchange for part of my Masters of Industrial Design and have a passion for Scandinavian Design so am hoping to go to
I am hoping there is some people on here who have some experience with people who have studied, visited or worked with someone who has been there and can share some of their knowledge??

Hello Paz,

I am right now in my final year of the ID Masters at Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden and know a bit about the school as we are somewhat Scandinavian neighbors.

Let me ask you, what kind of design is your Masters about and what is it you would like to do at DKDS?

Hi Bepster, thanks for the reply.
I want to do the Masters of Industrial Design at DKDS and am hoping to get an understanding of the design principles which drive the Scandinavian aesthetic.
I am doing the final year of my Bachelor at the moment and as such have not yet chosen my final year Masters project, I don’t think we are required to submit a proposal till we start the second year of the Masters. The Masters at my university is also a new program so I will be the first to attempt exchange under the new system.
Can you tell me the focus and style of design DKDS teaches? Like are they focused on sketching, research and form development or more final product development and manufacturing?

So I got a response from the exchange team and they said there are a few issues regarding exchange to DKDS, the most significant being the sheer number of students applying for there and the fact priority may be given to undergraduate students. They suggested I research a few other Uni’s from their list of exchange partners.
I would really like to go to Scandinavia so are there any of the partner Uni’s you would recommend?

Im sure Bepster has more knowledge about it, furniture is not really my field of interest.
The swedish schools on the list:
-Umeå is very product and automotive oriented. (MA)
-Lund is more furniture and product oriented. But in Lund you have a 30 minute trainride to Copenhagen. ( (MA)
(These are the only two school on your list that I can find which offer a Mastersdegree.)
-KTH, im not sure if they have a dedicated designprogram.

I know hardly anything about the Finish schools on the list to be honest.
The school in norway only seem to offer a Bachelors degree.

My main area of interest is product design, however I don’t mind crossing over a little into furniture design as I do find mid-century Scandinavian furniture design interesting,

I was originally thinking of going to Umea but would prefer to be closer to the main Scandinavian cities of Stockholm or Copenhagen, it also looks bloody freezing up there:(

Lund would be a good destination, but unfortunately exchange to there is only available for IT students from my uni.

From what I have read KTH offers Design Engineering, but I will need to research further how well this relates to Industrial Design.

Can anyone else share any information on the Scandinavian Design Schools?

Im currently a student at AHO - The Oslo School of Architecture and design.

Check out these links for more information.

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design - Official website - My website featuring some of my work at AHO Industrial Design.

Let me know if you find it interesting, I can help you with more info!