Thoughts on Design Boom's "Design Aerobics" Classes?

So I’ve been unemployed for some time now and I feel like I need to find some inspiration to do some personal projects to add to my portfolio. I noticed that Design Boom has some of their “Design Aerobics” classes starting next week.

Has anyone had any experience with these?

Seems like it would be a pretty good exercise and format from what I read on their website. I had a Design Semantics class in college where we discussed and chose varied topics to explore and present concepts from and one of my most successful college projects came from that class.

48 views and no responses?

Someone has to have taken their courses at least once!

Would like some opinions before I plunk down $69 I don’t particularly have this Friday.

I’d look at the results of the courses, not knowing the level of the students entering, do you feel like that’s the sort of work you would benefit from? (I’ve seen a few kids use a 1st place on thier resume)

If you’ve been “out of work for some time” anything you do design-wise will help.

Sorry, no direct experience with the courses, but I will now ask around. If I run across something constructive, I will share it with the group.