thoughts on certificate programs for interactive design?

I am looking for some opinions on certificate programs for graphic/web/interactive design… (BOSTON AREA)

My current situation…

I have been working in marketing for nine years, focusing on marketing strategy, design, and production of marketing campaigns print, and online. I would like to learn more about how to create websites, and interactive user experiences to eventually go to work at a design firm where I could focus exclusively on this. I currently work for a very large bank, which means I make really good money, however, the projects are actually quite boring and within my division I am the only marketing person so I am a one-woman show, which has actually been really limiting in a lot of ways as I am so busy with so many different types of projects I have not been able to become an expert in any one thing, rather an expert at juggling 100 things. Anyhow, I am thinking that with some interactive design course work I could re-launch myself into the design world where I originated from… my BS degree is industrial design.

Do you think the BU certificate program is a good start, are there any other programs you would recommend for someone who already has a BS in design, and some professional experience?

Sorry I don’t have any advice for you, but have had a similiar question, MCAD has a graphic design cert program in the evenings for two years, which I have been thinking of taking to expand my skills and opportunities as a product designer and open some graphic opportunities as well. I also have a B.f.a. in I.D.

Thanks for your response, even though it is not advice it is still helpful. It actually got me thinking a bit more on this…

I am thinking that a certificate program can be beneficial to anyone who already has the professional and educational background in design, that is what I am hoping anyway. I think that it will expand my expertise and hopefully lead to landing a job that requires these more specific/tactical skills such as an interactive design specialist.

Any designers out there complete a certificate program… did it benefit you and how?