Thoughts? Comments? Critiques? Recipes?


Just recently updated my portfolio and I’m searching for a new internship. I’d love to get some feedback!

Check it out here:

My main focus so far has been footwear, but I’d really like to broaden my horizons a bit more - hopefully with a consulting firm.

Also my coroflot is

Any responses will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


The footwear designs and the graphic layout look good but, I’d delete page 4-5.

When I look at portfolios, I look primarily at sketch, rendering and problem solving ability along with the overall look of the final product. Personally… I wouldn’t waste my time reading that paragraph or your research page.

Good work,

Hah, I completely agree with you that there’s too much writing…I barely had any at all in my last portfolio and I kept getting requests for more process and research and details. I saw where they were coming from, but it’s totally not my style. I might switch it up for my own benefit…

Also, just put that in there because I’m afraid people don’t know who Candace Parker…she’s famous, but only if you follow WNBA.

Thanks for the feedback!!

Looks good, I like page 4… when are you looking to start your next internship…

good stuff. i really dig the final kswiss concept with the printed laces/stitching. not revolutionary but a nice execution with good commercial appeal and brand coherence.

my face page is 6. nice breath of concepts and good quick sketch skills demonstrated.


Thank you so much! That really means a lot - I’ve looked at both of your coroflots to learn how to sketch shoes, you’ve been big influences.

I’m looking to start an internship around January 5th (the date is pretty flexible). I go to UC so we do the whole quarterly co-op thing…

Thanks. That is great to hear. We’ve frequently used UC winter interns on the Nike side, but have not really on the Converse side. Would you be interested in a 3rd footwear internship?

Absolutely! That would be excellent, I’m a huge Converse fan.

Would you like to set up a phone interview maybe?

Cool, let me check on a few things, and then we can move this offline and go from there.