thought at work

Anyone attend thought at work?

what did you think?

it was a little disorganized, but very good overall, especially since it was done by the students.

a number of great, compelling speakers.

why didn’t more of the design community step up and get involved?

has anyone been to both “thought at work” and an IDSA conference? how do they stack up for students.

thought at work was better, started by students 'cause the idsa conference blew for getting job contacts, etc

I agree, it was a bit disorganized this year. I felt last years was a bit more professional and had better publicity. I didn’t know when it would be held till about 3 weeks before the conference. There also seemed to be less people at the conference, and I think that was a result of the advertising (or lack of it).

That said, the line up of speakers was excellent and brought a well rounded group on stage. I once again learned a ton of valuable information and got to actually speak with the designers. The content was there and it was awesome.

good job guys, keep it going. Make it bigger and better each year.

I’m just wondering why more designers haven’t volunteered their time…

I mean, free publicity, and it’s not like the ad wasn’t right on this site…


There are many volunteers…and they do not have slots for all the volunteers.

possibly, but I doubt it, judging from two or three “filler” presentations.

I offered one year, but was not brought in as a presenter.