This Rejection Letter

I recently received this in a rejection email.

I know times are tough for Industrial Designers these days. For the first time ever, the market is saturated with applicants and more schools are cranking out graduates with nothing to fall on.

It is a very interesting point, and I think that this was worth posting.

That kind of reminds me of the classic SNL skit with Farley and Patrick Swayze auditioning for Chippendale’s. At the end they gently let go of Farley and go with Swayze. It’s classic.

In all seriousness, it’s nice to see an employer take the few extra minutes to compose a nice personal note like this. Obviously you made quite an impression on them in some way, and they’ll probably come back to you if they need another person.

Second that- nice to see a personal note.


at least its not:

"Thank you for your interest in __________________. However, we have decided to continue with other applicants that best fit our need for the position you applied for. Check back with us and thank you for your interest in ___________________.

Those are all I get :slight_smile:

I agree. It could have been much worse. I think it was a very nice and well written email and you should remain in touch with them because you never know when they may need someone for full time employment or even freelance. If you keep in touch you will always be first on their minds when that time comes.

I think if I had taken the time to write a nice personal letter in response, and saw it on core77… I might be bummed. It contains some things this person might not want to see online.

The fact its obviously personal and you wouldn’t want to burn any bridges with this company i wouldn’t have put this online. If it was me i would be very miffed.

Nice response though

WOw, I never thought of that. Thanks for mentioning that, —Edit on way.

I love rejection letters. At least they show me that someone has taken the time and effort to look at my application, no matter how automatically generated the letter may look. :wink:

There’s nothing worse than making a serious effort for a job and then not even being sure that the package arrived because you hear nothing back. Very deflating

Very deflating

Not to mention potentially embarrassing for both parties; “Hi, just calling to see if you received my material? You did? Thank you.” and from the other side, “We didn’t get back to this person? He must think we’re a bunch of jerks.”

Sadly, with regard to personnel, I don’t think that most businesses are too concerned about the latter nowadays. It’s called decorum; n. appropriate, or dignified behavior. Another word for it is manners.

I recently made a list of all the people who didn’t or couldn’t interview or hire me, but who looked at my portfolio and gave me positive feedback. This helps me remember contacts for the future and also helps remind me that I do have what it takes, even though I haven’t found the right opportunity yet. Not getting an internship this summer was disappointing, but my portfolio is at least 3-4 times better because of it…

I missed seeing the letter which is perhaps a good thing since I am one of the many who sent you a letter. We have received over 800 inquiries to our ad. Since we are not a corporation, there is nobody but me to sort through them all. I clearly cannot hire all these people. We are lucky to be busy but this means that I am also doing the work that will be helping to pay for our new designer as well as keeping our current staff employed. Despite this I have tried to answer each and every inquiry. Most of us out there have the best of intentions and want to help. However, it is impossible with these kinds of numbers. When people ask, I ask them to contact me in a few months (hoping that I will be out from under this). We all do the best we can.