This must be the most underrated inspiration website.

Have you guys seen this website? This is pretty fresh.

What do you guys think?

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Thanks for sharing! I think a thread for designer inspiration can only be beneficial to all. I personally like

I don’t know pjbowers. Awoltrends seems that it was designed in 1994…
Do you guys agree with me?

Got to agree. Awoltrends is also not my cup of tea. is nice. I just wish I could add it to my feedly which it seems I can’t.

Maxime, I suspect you are involved with the site?

Hi Bengt! Good to see you again. When did you left SF? (We met at FuseProject’s year end party a few years ago if you remember.)

Yes. I am involved with . I have created it about two weeks ago. There are lots of design inspiration website out there but most of them are overwhelming or not curated enough to me. I hope to fit right in the middle. My goal is to curate the right information to designers and to (later on) connect companies with freelance designers, students and design professionals together.

to be the first one informed about it!

For the RSS : Although the site is responsive, I am still currently working in the feed. (Glad some people are asking about it). Try this for now and please let me know if this works. (Send me your screenshot, show me how it looks like!)

This is a nice inspiration website, a bit geared towards housewares and furniture. I do like how it is curated.
I also like awoltrends in how it catalogs different design languages. I wouldn’t say it’s ground breaking but works as reference of current and past trends. It’s also a good way for students to understand shape/form language differences.

I’ve been digging this one:

Though I mostly experience it through FB:

Yes, I remember.
I had to leave Ammunition and Sf last year since I didn’t get an H1B in the lottery.
It’s fine though and I am really happy in Switzerland now. Who knows, maybe I’ll return to the US at some point :wink:

The RSS feed doesn’t work for me still…
It would be awesome if you got that to work, since I consume 99% of my visual inspiration material through Feedly.

On a sidenote… you really are plugging the hell out of that website.

Nice! It seems that it is mostly focused on transportation/bicycles right?
Do you have other sources like these, with niche inspiration?

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hmmm, just noticed this is Maxime’s own website. Kind of weird Maxime to call your own blog the most underrated site don’t you think?

Thanks for the kind words Bengt! Sorry the H1B didn’t worked out for you either. (You should register to the DV lottery. It is one more chance and it is ending soon!)

I will work on the RSS feed as soon as I can. Will try to keep you updated.

Modern Man wasn’t aware design blogs had a rating system. Now that he knows, Modern Man is prepared to bet his own design website is far more underrated and for that matter practically unknown compared to Maxime’s. :mrgreen:


OP, if your “website” doesn’t pan out, you could write headlines at buzzfeed.

Haha. Maybe if my design career doesn’t work out.

So I have been checking out the site a few times now and I have to say the adverts really bug me.
The fact that the page is being sold so hard here is also a major turn off and didn’t go down well with a lot of people here.

This really feels more like a money maker, profiting off other designers work than a passionate design blog.

If there was editorial content here a la Andrew Kim and his product reviews, I would be more inclined to stomach the google adverts but as it stands, it just isn’t fresh/unique enough for me to want to return.
There are a lot of other, similarly well curated blogs that have a much more humble approach and I think I’ll stick to those.

I agree Bengt. And the OP had not really participated in the forums.

Since you already mentioned Andrew Kim… do you have any recommendations for blogs that are similar to his? I don’t strictly mean product reviews or product photography. I don’t go to Andrew Kim’s blog to look at the pictures but to read about his thoughts. I am talking about more text heavy industrial design blogs that try to offer an opinion or insight into something. Any tip would be greatly appreciated since not a lot of people working in design or in a relative field seem to actually write about it. And personally I am really tired of another “blog” by some furniture design student collecting pretty pictures (no offence to the OP :wink: )

this for example is a blog I enjoyed. It has a more entrepreneurial spin, though.