This little piggy went to market...

So there are lots of threads on here full of sketches and budding portfolios. Lets see some stuff that has hit the shelves, or at least became a decent prototype. The good, the bad and the ugly.

I’ll get it started with some recent lamps I’ve done.

Nobody wants to show off a little? There must be some past projects you like that are safe to post. How about the ones you didn’t like? Medical equip? Household items? Dog toys? Anyone? Testing…testing…Is this thing on? :confused:

The TENBA Black Label collection was released about a day or two ago. It’s a line of professional quality camera bags and packs. Hand stitched perforated leather, etc. I’m very satisfied with the way they turned out.

Those are sweet. I love the shiny black straps against the matte black material. They make me want to parachute into enemy territory at night to shoot recon photos. :wink:

Nice stuff Taylor, just saw those on your page.

lots of my stuff over at

zippy, I didn’t know you had a site? have you posted that before? :wink:

I’ll spare you guys from posting my stuff up yet again! :wink: but looking forward to seeing some others.

Zippy…I think we get it you have a new site. 1 link is fine, but countless posts only referring to your link are in poor form. It’s starting to feel a bit spammy.

We all appreciate your contributions, but in the future I suggest you post stuff here if you wish to discuss it. That’s the whole point of the boards. It’s a discussion board, not a link farm.



A chunk of our business is novelty lighting. My inner 14 year old stoner emerges full force. HAIL SATAN!!! :smiling_imp:

I love the satan with the p3nis lava lamp hat :wink:

what about the Demon grasping someone’s blue ball?


or the Dr. Seuss p3nis…I need to quit

Here are a few of the most recent projects that are out there now…

Radio Flyer Turbo Turtle - my son LOVES this thing:

And a line of insulated feeding products for The First Years:

This isn’t ID, but I’ve done a ton of character design for this BBC TV show, Chuggington:

that turtle is awesome. I wish i had that when I was a kid.

Wow, you guys are really into male genitalia :laughing:

At least I can die knowing I made the worlds most satanic lava lamp. Dreams really do come true!

spam, spam, spamy, de spammmy, spam. As yo said he didnt know i had a site, so i will just put it into my tagline…mmmmmmmmmk?

I’m pretty sure Yo was being sarcastic… but ya, but it in your sig, not a problem.


yes, that was the fine aroma of sarcasm. It sounds better than it reads.

hummmmmm wonder if it works

hey guys, I thought Id post one of the very few things I have on the market. This is from an internship I had in at Bestway Inflatables- Shanghai during the summer of 2007 for their 2009 catalog.