this is what happens when...

the marketing department is allowed to play designer

Me:“why are there hearts on the same page as franken cuz and mummy cuz?”

her: “they aren’t hearts, they’re leaves, it’s a leaf pattern”


Halloween? The colors seem more appropriate for woman’s lotion/body care product… then the hearts might work.

YES they are hearts. Maybe they should be pumkins.

Wot r thy?

Look like candles to me

they must of went to CMU

Sorry, I should have clarified, The objects are Rubber dog toys that i designed, the layout is what “they” thought was a good order-form to present to corporate buyers.

Unfortunately for you its not informative at all on what these things are. Should have had a pic using it in its context. Like around a puppy or a dog. The text doesn’t relate at all either.

My condolences. What could be a great selling chew toy has been very poorly promoted.

Yeah, I had absolutely no idea what these things were…I thought they were som “whimsical” candles!

While the marketing guys may have blown it, I would be more concerned about what happened to my dog when she chews off those feet and Frankenstein bolts choke.

Bryan, did you consider this when you you did the design?

i am not going to go into all our research, but:

they come in three sizes, small medium and large, each intended for a generalized type/size/breed of dog, each package is marked as such with proper warnings.

while each size increases proportionately in form the interior wall thickness of the central cavity is disproportionatley increased to compensate for stronger dogs.

the material is the main consideration though, as it is a natural rubber, and is made to be non toxic, if ingested should pass through a dog with no concequences.

we have tested quite a bit, generally the dogs that are intent on ripping legs off and destroying these products, also destroy just about any toy given them including solid rubber items.

latex, vinyl and plush toys are far more dangerous and easily destroyed than this material.

and if you have a dog that is prone to destruction then perhaps the best toy is a simple tennis ball (which has also been called a very dangerous dog toy) or a terry cloth towel.

where can i get the toxic ones? got a neighbor who’s dog is driving me nuts.

[Disclaimer: Just joking. No animals were harmed in the production of this post.]

ykh, I feel your pain, my neighbors have 2 dogs, a mini collie (yappy) and some kind of overgrown chuhuahua (whiny). They let them out roughly every half hour and they bark at everything, not to mention my windows are right next to their yard.

I came up with a solution though I haven’t tried it yet. Get yourself a $4 dog whistle and blow on it late at night :slight_smile:.

Just some thoughts (BTW one of those earlier guests was me just forgot to sign in).

Unless this is only going to be shown in a pet catalog were it is obvious that it is a pet toy. You need your marketing to look more like this (insert cute dog/puppy):

BTW very similiar:

And what happened to “Devil Cuz”??? From the thumbnail under your name it looks like there was a devil toy. I would include all three and push to have the whole layout redone cause the current one (no offense to you) sucks. It’s your baby, push to get the relevent and proper marketing your design deserves. Good luck.

Such quirky log-in on here sometimes.

that order form has already left the building, i did not see it until it was too late.

that order form is only going to corporate buyers who are already familiar with the Cuz Line, Good Cuz and Bad Cuz (the thumnail under my name) are already on the market.

There will be more versions to come, i think i will make a pre-emptive strike and layout the order form myself, before it is even an option for someone else to work on it.

My favorite part is “Place You Orders Today”.


i was so caught up in how horrible it was visually that i didn’t even see that.

do you only do dog toys ?

cuz i like yer stuff and it would be nice in other ( desktop ) applications