This is my first post! and I have a question?

I have an assignment which is:

I need to do a Image Board, and I don’t understand what exactly i need to do.

I have been trying to find examples around the web but nothing yet.

So I decided to join this forums, now that my concentration is also Industrial Design.

I will appreciate it.

You probably need to make a moodboard. There are multiple versions that you could make. First of all what is it for.

To set the mood of the costumers, by how your costumers look like or what they might buy or inviorment they live in.
Styleboard for the style colors and look of the product.

Mostly use old magazine and cut out pictures , but buying new mags with correct picture is easier cause mostly certain you can get the correct pictures.

Then the picture you found past it on a piece of paper. Best is to past on a colored paper cause the color also give a mood, unlike using white paper. Best black if your not sure which feel you aim for.

If you have an assignment that you aren’t clear on, why don’t you ask your teacher?

Chung- I thank you a lot, it really helped!