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OK my subject title made you open…

I will be Socratical about this. i.e. I know that i know nothing.

I know the paper is not the most important thing, a napkin could be enough to present an idea. I’ve just started sketching and i am practicing on my own. Till now i was using a simple white paged notebook and pencil for structure and creating volume with lines.
And i’ve gained confidence.

Now i will start using a Extra White light grain Canson Sketchbook. is this a good choice and what are the best pen-pencil for sketching

I would really appreciate advice about different pens, pencils, markers and paper… or links to sketching sites for tips and technique.

Pleeeease Pretties please…
Be generous with this poor soul. Your advice will make a difference
Question of Karmadynamics

What do you use for sketching or recommend?

Funny, because just the other day someone asked me what my favorite sketching pen is. My answer was whatever pen is closest. His next question was how do I decide between pencil and pen since I sketch with either… and my answer was either will do.

The materials are not the important part. The important part is the idea and how you visually communicate it… and that you practice. The end justifies the means here.

Yo’s right, it doesn’t really matter, use what you’ve gotten
and use it often…practice practice practice, always
benchmarking against styles you like and think are succesful.
There is no magic pen or paper, I think a lot of us wasted
time we could have been getting better looking for them.

All this being said, has some good info
on sketching tools/supplies in the “Essentials” section.
It also says much of what I just did, but with some
more helpful info and insight. I would definitely check
the site out, it’s an awesome resource.

Hi Mono,
I myself sketch on anything and everything, I always carry a sketchbook or at least scrap paper to draw on at all times. I take the thrown out printer paper or better yet old manila folders from work, cut it into fours take one of those big black paper clips and in my back pocket it goes. great for instant ideas. But, I also do the napkin thing and even on the newspaper while I’m doing a crossword. That being said, I think it is really important to have and use a sketchbook that you cannot tear the pages out of. (I keep a strathmore 8 x 11 bound book and a small moleskine in my backpack always) I think it really helps you to commit to your sketch. Now I take some of these scrap sketches I have or even pictures from a magazine or what not that have inspired me and paste them to the pages of this book with one of those glue sticks that you would have used in grade school. Now I don’t claim to be any great designer or anything, I’m just a disciple like we all are, But I got to say it is really cool to flip through that sketchbook and see where those ideas went from those scrap paper drawings.
As far as pens. The age old question that we all know the answer to…It’s all up to what your tastes are, there is no magic pen or pencil that transfers its great mystical design powers through us all equally. As I write this and look across my desk, there are literally a hundred pencils and pens staring back at me from their novelty cup roosts, and the next time I get to the supply store there will be a handful more. It is the curse that we all bear.
My Favs- Pilot Better retractable fine (ballpoint)
Pilot Hi Tec C .04 and .05
Pilot Bravo (felt Tip) like a sharpie but doesn’t bleed through the paper-and it’s liquid ink.
Not really a pencil fan being a lefty. But when I do the usual black prisma or indigo col-erase.
But,I really try to mix it up. Last two days I’ve been using nothing but a Pigma Graphics 1 and a bic.

Hope this helps. Sorry about the 4 beer Saturday night pontification. Could have summed it up like this… Just Draw!

Peace and blessings

Thank you so much. I checked the site and the homepage had a tutorial.

But still, i’ve been using pencil, and markers… but i want to start doing background, use color paper, gouache, things i don’t know exist to make it more visually attractive. Not only for other people eyes. I want to do it like when i say a sketch and i go wow this looks neat.
There was a click some time ago, and after that i started making lines with more pressure and confidence now i want to go to the next level.

Thank you Michael.
I will experiment with those pens.
I don’t think i’ll fall in the i can’t work without this specific pen mode. I think i have not found the one i feel the most at ease with. I guess i’ll try until i find mine.

Peace, Light and blessings to you too.

I agree with everyone when they say that it does not matter which pen you use so long as you communicate your idea effectively and just start sketching consistently in order to practice.

However my tastes happen to be relatively simple. My favorite pen to draw with is a 15 cent black and white classic Bic. It does not let a whole lot of ink flow so you can easily control how much ink touches the paper. When I am drawing with pencil, I usually prefer an old school #2 or some kind of mechanical pencil, that way I do not have to keep sharpening. And I tend to love drawing on xerox paper, its cheap, can buy it in bulk, and it contains somewhat of a tooth or enough of a texture to make me happy.

But the point of sketching is also to find a style and tool that you are comfortable with. That is why you should draw with anything and everything.