This is how we (used to) do it.

This made its rounds around the internet today. I actually had this on VHS when I was in design school. Upper classmen would copy this tape and hand it down to lower classmen like passing the torch in some great dynasty. I now team you worthy of the VHS tape of GM rendering techniques from the 80s… use wisely my friends!

Brilliant. Thanks for sharing!

I would love to see this in HD!

@yo can you recreate this video 1:1 using modern technology?

What would be rad is for Michael Ditullo, Jeff Smith, Reid Schlegel , Maouane Bembli and others to emulate the format of this video but with Modern Methods and various objects. I’d like this. Lots.

Thanks for sharing this. I passed it on to the team here at work. It is to bad the video quality is poor. There are some great techniques in there. I remember being in school doing a lot of this it is great to get a refresher of the info.

Thanks so much for sharing! Will be passing this on to my classmates. Great to watch while sketching!