this form of the drinking water machine

my recent projrct.this is a drinking water machine ,inspired by the knight helmet…it looks strange, but i can’t tell where it looks strange. dose my rendering suck? the material looks cheap. i used hypershot```
can any master tell me how to creat a nice form (i always admire some nice products but don’t know why it looks nice)or how to render a nice picture?

the blue jug like moulding at the rear which protrudes out of the top is confusing, is it supposed to be a clear water vessel you remove and fill with water? If so make it clear and include another body for the water.

It looks like your drinking glass is a surface, so give it some mass, and check the scale too.

Imo theres a lot of conflict in shapes. You have a lot of sharp and pointy details, but the main white body is very blobby/bulbous. If youd straighten the vertical lines of the white piece a bit, i think it could make a lot of difference.

The knight reference is very visible, (would be cool if you could tell why that is the inspiration), it just doesnt seem to be a very…ehm “Athletic” knight with those biiiig puffy cheeks.

What does a knight’s helmet have to do with personal hydration? There seems to be no connection between inspiration and function.

oh,thank all guys!! i have learnt a lot from your replies, yes.

But i still want to ask a fundamental skill questions. That is the form giving ability.
The designer start to sketch and explore some forms,but for me ,when i sketch, when my hand starts drawing, my brain stops working```(i just always me meaningless lines instead of a complete form/a nice form… when i look at some nice products,my brain appears a lot of similar nice form,then i pick up my pen, only to find i can’t draw them out.)