This 14 yr old kid....

… can draw.

However it seems that all the works shown are drawn from photographs. I would be interested to see him do some still lifes. You can’t always spend 20 hrs on something non-original.

wow… very nice

doesnt work anymore.

I agree. He has some talent, but I would really like to see him draw from life. I think he would struggle just by the way he works his drawings. The James Hetfield drawing and Mercedes SLK drawings show how he brings one area up to completion before moving on. That would be quite difficult from observation rather than photographs.

for a 14 year old kid that is great, for any age that is great. Im sure with a background in drawing like he /she has at that age, the kid would be able to pick up another style of drawing.

Yeah, I agree with that for sure.

I didn’t mean to be so overly critical of the kid. His stuff is quite impressive.