Thinking of Starting a Design Webcast

I listen to quite a few podcasts and web-shows while doing studio work, but I haven’t found very many that are specific to ID. I was thinking it might be fun to create an Industrial Design specific show. Would any of you want to watch anything like this and what types of topics would you like to see covered? I was thinking of doing something similar to what James White does on his Ustream channel but for products instead of graphics. Are there already shows like this out there that I just haven’t found yet? Let me know any suggestions you have.

Great idea! I would watch it.
Keep it short - our attention spam is terrible! lol

Are there any particular topics you would like to see covered? Some possibilities I was thinking about were online portfolio reviews, product disassembly and review, interviews with fellow students and local professionals, and/or design news and discussion.

Here are a few:

Latest Material/technological innovations and their application in design ( e.g. liquid metal, rapid prototyping, etc)
Job market analysis (where the jobs are, changes in the global design market)
Designer profiles/interviews (current crop of top designers… how they got where they are, their opinions on the design market)

It could be an extension of the c77 boards. I’m sure these guys have something in the works or are at least thinking about it now that they have their shop up and running.