Thinking of getting a new ride....rkuchinsky edition

I think you might like this body style… it’s a 1965 Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb coupe.

You can find similar around … here is a 1971 220: Buy, Sell and Save on New, Used Cars & Trucks | Kijiji Classifieds

I was thinking R seemed a bit like a Mini guy as well…
classy, fun, and modern.

Whether you can get on in N America, I don’t know, but I
pass a Figaro like this every day on the walk to work and think
it might fit the bill too

The Figaro is right hand drive only, and to be honest i find it a bit… no I don’t think that’s politically correct… but it kinda falls in the same category as the MX-5/Miata… it’s a girl’s car.

jada: I never felt uncomfortable driving my Miata until I drove through Montreal’s gay village.

I like the Figaro too, I’ve seen them around Montreal. There are grey-market imports floating around in Canada.

I agree that the MX-5 has good qualities and is bringing back the spirit of 60’s British roadsters, but I still find it a bit too girly. Can’t help it… But I’m not really sure: is it the car itself, or is it because I’ve seen so many women driving it? (but there should be a link between the two, or can a neutral car/product end up being preferred by one sex?)<- is this really a bad word?! The world needs to grow up! (edit)

My brother and I both agreed that a Triumph TR6 or a Boxster are the more mainly versions of sportscars.

Go for the quirky p1800 ES :smiley:

Buy what you like the most and dont compromise too much. That being said, maybe its worth considering having 2 cars. A nice 6-10 years old but stylish ride for winter/bad weather/etc. and then a rare benz or porche that you`re looking for.

I drive a 2001 bmw 320i and it`s a perfect balance for me between style and practicality. Nice/fast enough to enjoy and big enough to haul all the materials, prototypes and other junk if necessary. Now if I only could afford a nice exotic old sportscar for sunday driving too… :stuck_out_tongue:


If you want a 242 bertone (with ford 302 swap) very nice shape, good DD I can connect you with my uncle who has two.

If you want that red Benz, I help this old guy out with his car collection, he has that exact car but with a tan interior and with the optional hard top. I know he wants to sell it too. It is clean, and in Ohio. I know you’re in Toronto.

If you want a 69/70 Porsche, look up this

it’s a 1972 911rs, also the 1993 RS America is very nice.

BMW z3 Mcoupe?


+1 Volvo P1800. I prefer the coupe though:

I have to say, I don’t like the Merc or BMW (for myself) because of what I think when I hear someone say, “I drive a BMW/Merc”. I think <shallow, self-absorbed, follower>. When I hear Saab or Volvo, I think, .

I resemble that comment :wink:

The 220 Coupe is beautiful. It is a different gen/body style than the 250 coupe you linked to. I’m already trying to get in touch with that guy.

Mini, (sorry Yo), Miata, and even boxster to an extent don’t work so much for me. Not so much that they are girly, but they just don’t seem to have that class factor I’m looking for. I was originally going to get a Mini when they launched, and was on the first 100 list to get one, but as much fun as they are to drive, the interior plastic and giant roundy things put me off. I had a New Beetle in University.

Put it this way - I’m looking for a car that is not just a man’s car, but a gentleman’s car. It’s sad that they don’t really make cars like that anymore. Firebird is the opposite of that :slight_smile: Maybe it’s just that I’m a sucker for well placed chrome.

If they weren’t supposed to be a nightmare, I’d look at a Jag. Like the older (80’s) XJS … Newer ones lost their soul so no go.

Both Volvos, sedan and wagon are super nice. hard to find one around here.

Porsche RS and BMW M-coupe OK, but a bit boy racer.

Still hoping there is something out there I overlooked!



RM auctions has a big auction every year in TO. Unfortunately, I think it is in Oct. Some stuff goes cheap there as the Yanks stay south at the FL and CA auctions. Really great auction company though, you can trust these guys.

  1. Don’t overlook buying in the US. With the older cars you are looking at don’t require modification to import. A lot of these cars you can buy in the southern US (FLorida/Georgia) and you will save money over buying something that needs work in Ontario.

  2. I love the XJS too. Ruinously expensive to fix. There is a reason you can pick up XJS V12s for $5k-8k. They need as much to in regular maintenance.

I think you can still get one, it’s just way too expensive for most people.

Good points. The RM auction was 2 weekends ago, but I was outta town. Would’ve gone even just for fun. Don’t know about buying from an auction though, despite RM being top shelf. I just am not that knowledgeable about what I’m looking at.

US might be something to consider, though again, not sure the hassles, how I can check out a car with a local mechanic I don’t know, etc.

That DB5 is great. And here I was with 45 mil and just missed it by a mil. Should’ve hunted in my sofa for more change :slight_smile:


once one a foggy autum day I nearly bought one of those,that popped up for sale localy

Old world style. “Well placed chrome”. Some Wood. And easy detroit muscle under the hood.

Can you find one in Canada ?

Yours mo-i

The durability of old Cars in the winter is not a function of temperature, but salt on the road. I have no clue about
Toronto, I must admit.

Wow. what is that? Wicked ! A maserati or something?


Jensen Interceptor. First production car with four-wheel drive as an option. Quite expensive I would think? Btw. I would go for a Volvo P1800 if I had the chance. Beautiful cars I think, and the P1800E is an estate. Style and practicality! I imagine you would surprise people when you tell them it’s a Volvo.

The one I had a go in was 15.K Deutsche Mark at the time. About the same amount
in US Dollar should get you a decent one in todays economy:

They are looking much more refined than they are driving, mind you. But that doesn’t have to be a negative, if you
like old cars.

F* I should treat me one myself… didn’t realise they are that cheap again.

yours mo-i

That thing is a beauty but surely can’t be easy to find parts for. I’ve never even heard of it.

I totally dig Volvos. The old ones esp. are great and still built to go for 1,000,000 miles (literally). I also grew up with them. We had a 240DL, 240 wagon, 740, 850.

how about one of these?

Volvo 544 …looks like a 1940’s Chev

Volvo 122S