it’s kinda interesting how brands are re-entering the performance hoops space that was (seemingly, anyways) previously ceded to the nike/jordan conglomerate (even tho converse is a part of nike) & adi ‘battling’ it out, any guesses as to what has changed (if anything at all has) in the consumer landscape that has made hoops appear more appealing? definitely hope it is a trend that continues, it is cool to see!




do you think a contributing factor might be that chunky shoes are back in vogue, and the basketball category has always generated that kind of silhouette?

Might be just a trend thing, but I suspect there is more at play. These brands going into BB do so with more than just a shoe. Usually there is a lot of marketing and sponsorship $ at play as well.

Converse ones are really neat. Never seen those! Kinda wished they didn’t have the giant star/chevron on them, ruins it a bit.


still a bit confused by the whole chunky shoe thing, didn’t even make that connection…could be some relation there, but i’d think there must be something these brands are seeing that is giving them confidence to, rkuchinsky’s point, re-start whole their previously defunct hoops category, sign & sponsor athletes and marketing spend around them? maybe it is that basketball as a sport (from prep to pros, even the new & growing category of basketball trainers) still gets a good amount of attention on social media? is it that they are seeing weakness in the hoops category with both or either nike & adidas?

or throw it on the medial side, i don’t mind it showing thru the outsole, tho it might execute inconsistently based on the colors…this is probably the most interesting move, being that they are under the nike umbrella and have previously done these collaborative product efforts it is curious if this is more than a one off type thing or nah…