things to look at

looking for some input on my folio:

your composition and use of negative space is simply beautiful

Nice work, I like your pictures. Emotionell.

true! great work!

thx for the reviews. was kind of wary. most clients look at my stuff and just go “iei cool keep it up dont call me I’ll call you”. I reckon they just dont care how much you put into it, with so much imagery out there…

again, thanks. later ali g8or

I would think someone who was both skilled in photography and typography would be a valuable asset to any firm. For those who have not called you back yet. Their mistake. Good work. It has real professional quality.

What are your influences?

stanley donwood is great. his stuff is just so sarcastic and surreal. go

Really nice stuff m8. All of it.

PIKA CHUs evil twin made me laugh - which I perhaps was not supposed to (?) as much of your stuff is quite dark / intimidating . . . perhaps a little too much so for mass appeal i.e. regular work.

I feel bad suggesting this because what you do works and should not be compromised, however, maybe you need to vary the mood a bit. Perhaps try something more aspirational.

I’m no expert but how about images which particular company brands would want to identify with … or do a series based on typical brand ad-cepts i.e. keywords such ‘loyality’ , ‘trust’ , ‘reliable’ , careing’ , etc …

Perhaps double up your skills and mock up some adverts / storyboards … give the ad people some inspiration on how they could use you.

this is the year 2004 and there are thousands of guys like you waiting to have someone drop a shitload of cash in your lap! get real! I work in the industry suppling art in all aspects. You will have to find it or die poor!
get an agent produce lots of work and get in peoples faces let them know you are NOT a lazy artist waiting to be discovered …those days are over sorry!

Don’t be so pessimistic. Times are good for random things. Anyway, qnoll sells nothing it only asks to be seen, and I have a nice job, so don’t need an agent…

thx for the post Tim

hei Boo thx for the comments. You are right, it was a challenge to convince the right people to give me a job based on my folio. I kept it hidden and only got it out when prompted…

I did want to make a clean, selling portfolio, but the way things are nowadays, the only way to be original is to really be yourself. Otherwise its just plain selling.

Again thx for the insight