Things to do in London next week?

I’ll be in London next week and I’m looking for design-related things to do. I’ve searched a few of the main ‘what’s on’ sites, but does anybody have any recommendations or suggestions? Thanks.

Sounds like you will be there during 2012 London Festival so there should be plenty going on before London 2012 Paralympics start.
The V&A (Victoria & Albert) museum is always a good stop.
You may want to check out the ‘Designing 007’ exhibit at the Barbican:
For fun - perhaps the Notting-hill-carnival.

Cheers 51. I’d glanced at that Bond exhibition before, could be interesting. Heatherwick’s studio has an exhibition at the V&A, showcasing the last 20 years of their work, which looks good.

Ah, I didn’t realise the Notting Hill Carnival was on. I’ll have to go for some curry goat :slight_smile:

Has anyone been to any of the current exhibitions on? And perhaps some design related, non-exhibition ideas?

The Heatherwick Studio show at the V&A is very inspiring… I caught the show during a trip in for the Olympics. It looks like those guys are just playing with materials and designs all the time

There’s another exhibit at the V&A on UK design since 1940, great for non-British, as well as an area on English fashion that was interesting

Tate Modern has a Damion Hirst show on right now. Tate Britain has a cool permanent collection, but it’s kind of isolated IMO. There’s the design museum too.

Its fun to go to Burough Market for lunch - it’s over by the Tower Bridge. Camden is fun too, and Shoreditch in the evening is interesting… cool restaurants up there too

Have fun!

Thanks for the Heatherwick recommendation. Think that’ll have to be a definite.

Yep, at The Design Museum, they’ve got an exhbition on about modern sporting design.

There’s a large walk-in material library that I’ve been meaning to visit. I’ll have to look that up. And it’d be cool to visit a rapid prototype company too. Does anyone know of one that wouldn’t mind giving a little tour of their machines?

I’ve heard the Bond exhibition is a bit weak, but haven’t been myself.

Hit Notting Hill for sure, a good walk and if the festival is on it’ll be a full day thing.

Hey Playdo, Where’s the walk-in material library? That sounds like an interesting one…

Cheers for the heads up Sam. No vodka martinis for me then.

Generatewhatsnext, unfortunately I’ll be arriving after the bank holiday, so the carnival’s a no go now.

Hey Travis. It’s just off of Oxford Street: