Things to do in Japan

My class at Norwegian University of Technology and Science, department of Product Design, is considering a trip to Japan in the spring of 2005. We’re interested in visiting product design companies and schools in Tokyo or Kyoto.

My question is: Does anyone have any tips for companies, studios, events - basically anything that has to do with product design in Japan?

As we just have started looking into this (we’re also considering other destinations, but japan is our favourite spot at the moment), any suggetions are very welcome!


Stuffs on their shelves are enough to occupy all of your time.

A hike up Mt. Fuji can be very enlightening. one can associate a trip to this spiritual place with their decision to embark on a career in design. On the way you will marvel at the way technology can quickly and easily get you part of the way but when you arrive at the mountain you will realize that all of the hard work is still ahead. As you begin your trek you will notice that the path is long and steep but manageable. As you continue to ascend the mountain your journey will grow harder and require more dedication than you had imagined. With the shift in weather you will realize that you should have planned your journey more carefully and as the sun sets you will realize that in order to complete the journey it will take more time than expected. As you approach the summit you will realize that the hard work and sacrifice was worth the effort as you take in the spectacular delights of the landscape. Those that do not put forth the effort will not make it to the top. When you finally reach the rim of the crater you can reflect back on how difficult it was and realize that it was really not that bad. A feeling of solitude and enlightenment will rush over you.