Things to do in Grand Rapids

I am going to be in Grand Rapids, MI in a few weeks. Is there anything I should try and see while there? I’ll have about one full day to see stuff. Thanks!

Oh man, there’s a bunch of cool resturants and clubs you can hit. I’ve gone to downtown GR a handful of times with my brother in law (he lives there) and I’ve never really had a bad time. It’s a nice city.
If you like Hockey, go check out a Griffins game. They put on a pretty good show. Otherwise you can look for the B.O.B. It’s the big old building. They have like 5 or 10 resturants and bars in there all under one roof. You can play pool, eat, drink whatever. That’s a nice place to go because you can eat whatever you have a taste for.

That sounds like something to check out. Should be a good time. Any good design related stuff to go see? Is there a furniture museum or anything like that?

Are you going to be in town for the IDSA event, or something else (what dates)? You can check out for some ideas on the dates you are there.

now that its getting nicer up here there is also meijer gardens sculpture park, its a great place to see some art and be outside when its nice out. i live in the burbs of grand rapids, been here for a couple years now, its a pretty cool place to go check out, i finally went out there with my family and it was cool. Plus their live tropical butterfly exhibit is cool and its going on for the next 2 months.

There is an artsy area downtown, and there is probably a furniture museum around here somewhere with howard miller, steelcase and haworth being local, i dont know of it though.

urban institute for contemporary arts can have cool stuff sometimes too.

the b.o.b. is a cool place, since it has a handful of places inside its a nice easy place to go to if your just visiting. I dont drink but there are alot of great bars downtown as well, depending on what you like.

joyride can tell you about a pretty happening bowling alley as well… :sunglasses:

I’m coming up for a furniture design competition. It’s being held at a place called Design Quest Furniture that’s a few miles from the Gerald R. Ford Airport. I’ll be getting there late on Wednesday March 17th and leaving early on Friday the 19th.

Thank you both for the ideas. My girlfriend is coming with me so we are wanting to find something fun to do while there.

Any breweries worth visiting? Is there a good story to be told about the bowling alley? if so I want to hear lol

I almost forgot about the competition at D2. I will have to go check that out thursday night.

As dzigner wrote, the bob is alright because there are a lot of different choices for food and whatnot. If you are looking for a place to have some decent beer, I would suggest Hopcat or Founders. Both have some good beers.

Bowling: top hat and canes optional…Pantera required

What do you like to do? There are some indoor skate parks that are neat to see, some record stores, some fun shops in downtown, all the Art Prize stuff is…around? GR is a fun town. Herman-Miller is not to far at all, factory tour. If you hop on Craiglist you can always find some neat furniture on there, pick it up ship it out.

San Chez - Tapas - dig it

Agree that Founders and Hopcat would be the places to grab a beer.

MadCap - if you’re looking for some quality coffee

Grand Rapids Art Museum and the UICA usually have some good stuff going on
-current exhibition at the GRAM is Calder jewelry


and this should help GRNow

might be fun to have a little core77 bar outing… if dziner82 can drive all the way into the city ???

all the way into the city?? i live like 7 miles from downtown… your the one who is like 45 mins away!!
now getting me into a bar with no music and no dancefloor… thats a bit harder. :sunglasses:

if the gf is with you then i think meijer gardens is a great way for the both of you to kill a solid 2-3 hours, on a nice day.

I also forgot about that contest at design quest, i wanted to go last year but happened to be busy that day, maybe i can make it out this time.

sorry, I must still be scarred from driving out to your office

I think I’ll try to swing through D2 and maybe let some folks from work know.

It would be great if anyone could make it to the show. Maybe I could finally put some faces to the screen names on here.

It looks like the Calder exhibit at the GRAM is a must see for us. My gf absolutely loves his work. I would love to go do a factory tour at Herman Miller if we can. The Meijer Gardens seems cool too. so we should be able to keep busy before the competition.

Hopefully after the competition we will be going out to celebrate a victory. If not then time to drown our sorrows lol. It should be a good time either way. If anyone feels like going out let me know.

There is the Gerald Ford Presidential Library and also a Frank Lloyd Wright house near downtown.

Haven’t lived there since 1992 so that is all I remember.

I will try to make it to the show and will see if I may be able to stick around for some beverages.

As TimF mentioned, the Frank Lloyd Wright Meyer May house:

Not sure about GR, but less than an hour south is Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, but yeah, the B.O.B is decent too. You could always head over to Lake Michigan and check that out.

Been a long time since I’ve been to Design Quest…

I did go to the ford library last summer, it was worthwhile, depending on what your into, but i would say you have 4-5 solid choices here.

i moved out of the GR area in '03.

the van andel furniture museum isn’t worth it. maybe check out kendall college of art and design?

san chez is still around? cool.

skip the BOB and hit some of the bars and clubs on Ionia, south of fulton. other interesting places on monroe north of michigan avenue. i suggest east town @ billie’s blues club or across the street @ mulligan’s for down and dirty fun. finish the night at yesterdog as a hangover preventatitve.

the meyer may house is the FLW house. i used to live in a turn of the century apt building kitty-corner from there when i was in school. i think it’s still owned by steelcase.

for a conservative area, it’s pretty interesting. stay away from the shoreline. it’s too cold and depressing this time of year.

Ross, I noticed you arrive in GR on St. Patty’s day; here is a list of things happening in the area on the 17th.

I have to agree with some of the previous posts…GR has a lot to offer and I hope you enjoy your short stay, and good luck at Design Quest.

I would visit this site also…

For your gf, you can take her downtown to take a tour on a horse drawn carriage ride (brownie pts.); you miss the women’s expo at Devos Place by a week, but you can still attend the Ultimate Sport Show.

Thanks again everyone for the tips!

I wanted to invite everyone in the Grand Rapids area to come to the opening reception of the competition. I would love to meet some people from C77 in person. Hopefully after the ceremony we could go out and grab some drinks.

I’m really excited for the competition as this will be the first time my bench is shown in public. If you want a preview of the bench you can find it here… bONE by Ross McCoy at If you like my design you could always give me a vote for the people’s choice award :wink:

Opening reception will be on Thursday, March 18, 2010, 6 to 8 pm, at Design Quest, with live music and refreshments. People’s Choice judging will take place between 6:30 and 7:30 pm, during the opening reception.

Hopefully I will see some of you there!

again this year i had some stuff come up that wont allow me to attend the event. :confused:

good luck though, should still be a few core members there.