Things at your desk

I am looking for some great go-to references for displays and POP, POS stuff, and I thought it might be fun for us to list our go-to references from our different industries/specialities.

  1. Sheet metal stuff. We do a alot of sheet metal here at Stelpro, so I have a list of our metal stock (cold rolled, satin, galvanized, stainless, alu and sheet lexan). I have a list of our punching tools. A catalog of expanded metal.

  2. Injection molding stuff. I have the fun little do-hickies from protomold. A thick reference guide from Dupont, along with a few thinner ones that are more specific in terms of clip design, light pipes, etc. A couple of color and texture samples (sadly, not nearly enough). Also, I have the tech sheets from the plastics that I spec the most.

  3. graphic design/display. All I have is a Boni Equipment catalog. They sell racking in Canada. HELP!