Thin Rigid Materials

What is the best site to look up/Research new thin rigid materials? :slight_smile:

Or any thin materials that can be made rigid with an application or further process.

Im doing a project for uni and stuck for materials resources. Looking for materials that are maybe a bit bizare, not really looking for any that are commenly used.


Hey, how think are you looking for?

I’ve worked lots with G10 composite, a high-pressure laminate of aramid fibers and a resin matrix. Kickass stuff, I’ve made chopsticks from it that you could pretty much kill someone with. It gets used for everything from circuit boards in cruise missiles to knife handles and body armour. in the US is a great resource for it, I get mine from there. Email them and run your questions by them

sorry, should read how THICK are you looking for…

Try this out:

Just watch the industries that require materials to be strong and light. Aerospace, auto racing and high-end bicycles.