Thick Wall Clear Material

I know that there is a water clear material that I believe is typically used for things like perfume bottles.

The fuseproject Space Scent bottle is the best example I can think of that might be the material I am looking for.

The kicker is that I need to be able to do something like this on a large scale.

Think the size of a medium sized table top.

Are you thinking something for production or just a one-off? Any good model shop should be able to cnc and polish up an acrylic or PC sheet. Injection molding something for production that big is probably a bigger challenge. There are pretty god clarity resins out there if you want to rapid prototype it, but it would probably need to be made in chunks.

Cast Acrylic?

I thought about acryllic…but what about scratch resistance? I suppose I could put a scratch resistant film over top…but…yuck. Also, i believe acryllic is subject to sink on thick walls.

This is definitely a small run job…as in 10 or less. Casting is feasible…which is why I thought about the stuff like what I believe perfume bottles use.

I saw the material I am thinking about at the Pasadena IDSA show. Of course I can’t think of the trade name to save my life.