Thick Cardboard

Does anyone have a source for either providing or manufacturing a 1" thick corrugated cardboard? I imagine it would have to be a composite, laminated sheets, or something like that. I need it for a small furniture run. I’d really appreciate any tips!

Check Thomas Register or the Yellow Pages in your area for any packaging manufacturer. For 1 inch thick your best bet is to laminate 5-6 pieces of C-flute corrugate (you would only need 4-5 pieces of A-flute but that is not very common). Most any packaging manufacturer should be able to do a low run of a custom shape.

General corrugate info:

iab is right – you’re going to need several sheets of thinner stuff laminated together. You can’t really make 1" corrugations with only two flat pieces, simply because there’s no lateral stability in that case.

I forgot about honeycomb paperboard. Here’s one I have used locally.

Thank you, iab, so much for your info; a big help. Am off and running now!