They asked me if I could go for an interview, then nothing..

I have applied for an internship position starting in January with a big company. They send me an email asking if I had any plans to visit their city soon (I live in a different city), and they would like to give me an interview. I replied saying I could go anytime, and asked them to set up a time so I could book my flight ticket.
Now it’s been 11 days and I haven’t heard back from them, and I am getting worried. Is it normal? Should I wait? Or should I write an email to remind them? Does it mean they don’t want to interview me anymore? :frowning:
Maybe I am just desperate because I really like that company. :frowning:

I would send a follow-up email just asking the status of your interview. I would word it very optimistically and show that you look forward to meeting with them. If it is a very large company sometime they move slower than small firms. There are normally a lot of people involved in the process.

I personally give it 2 weeks before doing a follow up e-mail, but yes a polite follow up e-mail would be your best bet.

I interviewed with a fairly large company this summer and it took 3 weeks before they scheduled a 2nd interview… I too thought they had forgotten but I kept telling myself just give it time…

omg, we finally set the date for the interview, which is next week.
I realized what my problem was: I needed to tell them that I was actually planning to travel there and the date I would be in that city. Otherwise they would not want me to take a flight there just for an interview (since I am just an unimportant new grad with no experience). So after I told them I was planning a trip to their city they immediately set the interview date.

Thanks to everyone for replying.

This happens, especially with smaller places and consultancies.