Thesis work presentation

Hey! I wonder if there is anyone here who is good at presentations that would be willing to give some advice. I will present my thesis for my degree in engineering the 26th of may. The presentation is open to the public, and it is usually about 20-30 people who listen.

I’m studying a programme in design engineering so therefore my thesis focused on developing a concept for a new product for a company. In 20-25 minutes I will present the background to the mission, the work process (planning, research, specification of requirements and requests for product, concept development, concept, construction and design). I intend to conclude with the showing fancy renderings from a CAD model and a physical model.

It feels like it can be a challenge to go through everything without tiring out the audience. I therefore need tips on how I can make my presentation exciting and selling. I do not just want to make it sound like, “I did this, and then like this,” but I also want to pitch my concept. How can I make a good start and a powerful finish and a fine thread between?

Thank you in advance,
Jacob Gunnarsson

There is a great video on the guy who helps TED presenters get their story down. I recommend searching that and giving it a watch.

People say this all the time, but tell a story. Not a chronological story, a story that starts with an insight, an idea, a vision, moves toward a struggle, a problem, an obstacle, and finishes with a resolution, a realization, a success of some kind.

Break your story into those three parts and tackle them one at a time. Tell the story visually. Make it personal, not a school project with a wrote process.

Hi thank you for your answer. Did you mean this guy 10 tips for better slide decks | TED Blog?