Thesis Themes

I’m doing my intermediate exam this semester (in germany). It’s basically 2 theoretical thesis, and one practical thesis with a design protoype, or product. I am choosing themes right now, and then I’ll have about 2 months to work on it all (non-stop day through night probably) I am very interested in the psychological and philisophical aspects of design, as well as environmental-design. And I want my themes to somehow work around this.

I thought I’d run some of my ideas by you all to see what you think, are they at all interesting or new? how could they be refined, and what approach could I take, etc. Some of the themes I’ve been considering are:

Alternative Sitting: studying how people actually sit in their chairs, what form they take (putting their knees up, sitting sideways, etc.) and then making a design based on what I’ve learned about how people sit.

Survey of the Cultural Times: I believe that design can only be defined as good within a context of the cultural field that they are being created, so I’d basically do a survey of what’s going on in people’s head nowadays by researching what appears in the media. (Cause lets face it, a lot of our ideas or opinions come from the media whether intentionally or not) It would not necessarily be about what people think about design, but what people think about the world. Knowledge that I could late use in designing.

Product Love: Why we fall in love with objects. Can the love be made, or helped along by a design? Or is it something that just happens and can’t be controlled?

Water Bottles: What’s the phsycology behind water bottles. Why are so many used per year, why do we buy bottled water when the tap water is (often) cleaner, and cheaper. What environmental Impact do they have?

Urban Communes: Studying multi-family dwellings. How multiple families can live together and perhaps share rooms such as the living room and kitchen, what would be the negatives and positives of such a living arrangement?

So, those are my favorites of many crazy ideas. Any comments? Ideas for something I didn’t think of?